Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Barack Obama Jokes About Eating Dog

The canine was food for Barack
Back when Barry was young, to our shock.
So he feasted on pup?
Yeah... that's pretty messed up.
Bet he said, "Tastes like chicken, bock-bock!"

Media types laugh as Obama makes dog-eating quips


  1. Nice! :) Here's a couple more on that subject:

    There once was a man who suggested
    food most of us haven't yet tested.
    "Grasshoppers suffice
    and snake is real nice,
    but Poodle just cannot be bested!"

    The one forcing hope and real change
    has cravings we mustn't call strange.
    So let's raise a glass
    for changing repasts;
    here's hoping our meals won't have mange.