Monday, February 6, 2012

Giants Win Super Bowl On a Gimme Touchdown

The Patriots made his way clear,
So for Bradshaw, the end zone grew near.
When he saw they were flopping
It was too late for stopping
And he scored the TD with his rear.

Patriots opt to trade points in exchange for time left on the clock...but it doesn't work out


  1. With a Q-B that speaks like Gomer,
    the Giants turned pats fans to groaners.
    Our ‘D’ black and blue’d,
    their ‘O,’ but got screwed
    by gaffes like Tom’s big safety boner!

    1. Thanks Anonymous. In the grand scheme
      Of a Super Bowl game, it would seem
      That if you're caught snoozin',
      The outcome is losin',
      As found out by the Patriots' team.

    2. Of angst I shall most surely be killed,
      by super bowls of miscues and thrills.
      as seen on the telly,
      Brady’s become Kelly.
      And the Pats to the super bowl Bills!

    3. The Bills were a sad lot to watch
      For the "Big Game" they always would botch.
      Every chance in their hands
      They would let down their fans
      And it felt like a kick to the crotch.

  2. Here are some limericks from a Patriots fan site, some i think are good, some not so...